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PostSubject: Warlock   Warlock Icon_minitimeTue Jan 20, 2009 1:46 am

Im Duroc 80lvl belf wlock, got 4/5 T7 set and few other 25man gear. I got atm 2238sd /38.51firecrit self buffed (0/40/31). I have been in Vuohiliitto in TBC we did 4/9 BT and did lots of raid's. Exp in Woltk 10naxx, clear 25 sapp/KT left, OS clear, VoA clear and EoE10man 18% best. I need guild to hardcore raiding and im rdy to spec destro or affli if needed. Please contact me in-game / w or in-game mail anyway cuz i wanna know also if u dont need me.
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