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 Group Application Dk/Druid

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PostSubject: Group Application Dk/Druid   Group Application Dk/Druid Icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2008 4:07 pm

About You
First Name:
Dk: Henrik
Druid: Peter
Age: we are both 16 years old.
Gender: Male

Where are you from?: we are Irl friends from Denmark.
What do you do for a living?: we are going at the Gym, we are not really working. just chilling and hanging out basicly Smile
Tell us about yourself: well, we are two friends, who has played world of warcraft for like 2 years now together. and we have always been apart of eachother guild wise. so now we decided to hopefully join the same guild.

Your Character
Character Name:

Dk: Jork
Druid: Arkodaz
Class: Druid/Death knight
Race: troll female<3/Tauren Male.
Druid: 450 Lw and skinning 450
Dk: i havent had the time to level any main profession but ive leveled my First aid.
Are You Willing To Change Your Talents?:
Druid: yea, if you decide to gear me up in the specefic talent as well.
Dk: The same.
Druid: http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Magtheridon&n=ArkodazĘ
Dk: http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Magtheridon&n=Jork
What is your /played?:
Druid: i played this charecter up 1 week before Wotlk, so my played is very low on this charecter, but i played Tbc on a hunter which had quiet a lot Smile
but this druid in 80 i have like 7 days.
Dk: i played a feral druid pre WOTLK i had like 60 days played, when wotlk came i rerolled DK and in 80 I have like 6 played days.

Which days are you unable to play on?: None
What time do you log on?: around 15:00 or sooner
What time do you log off?: usually after raid Smile

What raid experience do you have Pre-TBC and TBC?:
Dk: i cleared up to kil'jaeden in tbc.
Druid: everything, but i took a break before sunwell came. so i havent done anything in sunwell.
What raid experience do you have in WOTLK:
DK: cleared all raid content
Druid : cleared everything except Malygos Heroic and kel heroic.

Which guilds have you previously been in?:
Druid: vendicta but they migrated to jaednar, my only guild in Wotlk.
Dk: i've just migrated to magtheridon from shattered hand in the guild
Why did you leave them?:
DK: because i wanted to join the same guild as Arkodaz.
Are you applying to any other guilds than Central Havoc?: no we are not Smile

Central Havoc
Who do you know in Central Havoc?: Adanai
Why would you like to join: because you seems very nice, and we'd like to progress and gear up with a bunch of ncie guys Smile
What can you contribute towards this guild?: helping you though content basicly.
What do you expect from us? a lot of new ingame friends, a lot of fun time, some new gear, and overall just great time! Wink

That was our application i hoped you'd liked it.
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Group Application Dk/Druid
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