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 hpaladin_holy paladin application

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PostSubject: hpaladin_holy paladin application   hpaladin_holy paladin application Icon_minitimeWed Jan 16, 2008 10:20 pm

About You

First Name:hamed



Where are you from?:iran

What do you do for a living?:nothing special.i'm living with my parents

Tell us about yourself:weight:110kg...hight190...ready to make some freinds and some progress in raids.palying wow alot and it's a part of my life consisting 60% of my time.

Your Character

Character Name: hpaladin

Class: paladin

Race: blood elf

Professions: mining...just droped the other profession.

Are You Willing To Change Your Talents?: yes if i have teh gear requirment for that specc


What is your /played?: 65 days and 13 hours by now


Which days are you unable to play on?: all days a week if some thing doesnt happen suddenly

What time do you log on?:14:00

What time do you log off?: 2:00(night)


What CPU are you using?:3500amd athlon 64-bit

What Graphics card are you using?: GeForce 7300 GT

What is your average FPS?:normally 50 but in heavy combats it comes down to 20(fixable)

What is your average ping (ms)?:300 to 400

Do you have a working microphone?: yeah

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best), how would you rate your internet connection?: 7


What raid experience do you have Pre-TBC?:nothing.i started palying after TBC

What raid experience do you have in Temptest Keep?:nothing

What raid experience do you have in SSC ?:nothing

What raid experience do you have in MH / BT?:nothing

Do you have the Vashj / KT vials?: no

Which guilds have you previously been in?: death knights(a friendly iranian guild just to play for fun)

Why did you leave them?: they were just raiding KZ and i didnt have time to waste with kara so i decided to leave for a better guild

Central Havoc

Who do you know in Central Havoc?: i know owlman ....he is a close friends of mine Smile

Why would you like to join: cuz i want to go to some proraids and i want to see all instances before new patch.

What can you contribute towards this guild?:

What do you expect from us?: just giving me spots in raids
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hpaladin_holy paladin application Empty
PostSubject: Re: hpaladin_holy paladin application   hpaladin_holy paladin application Icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2008 3:56 pm

Im sorry im gonna have to deny this apply because your experience is way too low. You have 0 xp in SSC\TK and that is something we are not looking for...And even ur gear is not upto that par...Gl finding another guild

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hpaladin_holy paladin application
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