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 Kjukonge 70 fury warrior Looking for hardcore pve guild

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PostSubject: Kjukonge 70 fury warrior Looking for hardcore pve guild   Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:35 am

Who are you:

Real Name: Isa




A joke: i got none Razz

System information:


GPU: nvidia 8800GTX

Connection Type: Cable
Connection Speed: 4mbit

Do you have a working microphone: Ye i got

Do you got Teampspeak/ventrilo: Ye i got both

Character information:

Allakhazam/CTProfile/Armory link:This dont work but look self Razz

Resinstance Gears (Fire/Frost/Nature/Shadow):10 nature since im cow Razz

Gear/enchant/socket:atm all my gear is enchanted/socket/ just need 1 more mongoose and better scholders enchant and high lvl enchating so get 4 to all stats on rings i do all i can to improve my dps






Professions:Nothing but WTB Blacksmithing

Creation date:03.04.2003 Since Beta/alpha not sure Razz

Played time:120days

Previous Guilds:Mostly Harmless/infected/Central havoc/Gram Me tarzan

Talent spec.http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=LAobzhbZVVhVxxoVuVo im Fury becouse thats the best spec for dps and long boss figth and
i think it will be much more imba at BT/MH becouse i get haste rating items that make me hit faster haste hit rating is good to have if u go for
2 slow wep becouse whirlwind have been buffed and i will still hit fast and hard becouse of windfury totem/flurrry and haste rating. but faster with one 1.60 speed/one 2.70 speed
but not that hard dmg as with two slow wep

Addons im using:agunitframes/cycirle/recount/omen/mobhealth/cooldowncount/deadlybossmode/quartz for the swingtimer best addons ever for warriors Smile

Are you the originally owner of the account:Yes i am

When can u play: Look down:)

Mondays: 14:40-02:00
Tuesdays: 14:40-02:00
Wednesdays: 14:40-02:00
Thursdays: 14:40-02:00
Fridays: 14:40-05:00
Saturday: 10:00-05:00
Sundays: 10:00-02:00

TBC raid and Attunement heroic
:Cenarion Expedition 6164/21000 Revered
:The Mag'har 6432/12000 Honored
:Thrallmar 4727/21000 Revered
:Lower City 3608/21000 Revered
:The Aldor 9885/21000 Revered
:The Sha'tar 999/1000 Exalted
:The Violet Eye 999/1000 Exalted

Will i bring pot/flask?:truly pot/scroll/Warp Burger for much crit chance

Do you have the ssc/tk vials:no i dont and its bad to hear that u gonna go this instance for last time on Tuesdays but i hope we can go one more so i get it

List ur alt and their level please
:70 Druid[crazydru╠d
:65 Paladin[sunr╠se]

What's ur PvE raid experience in WoW?
Zul-Gurub:Done 60+
Molten Core:Done 60+
AQ20:Done 60+
AQ40:Done 60+
Karazhan:Done 70+
Gruul:Done 70+
Magtheridon:Done 70+
Serpentshrine Cavern:Lurker/hydros/morogrim 70+
Tempest Keep:Void reaver/Solarian 70+

Whats my goal in wow:My goal in wow is to reach BT and mount Hyjal and /spit on Illidan Stormrage and im so near Razz

Who You know in central havoc:Warlegend/Cis/Bellzebub/lastresort u noob Smile

Why do you want to join Central Havoc:because i want to join a guild with skilled people,to have fun in raids and in guild-chat,and also have fun in high-instances for example BT-TK-SSC.I am also looking for a guild with friendly people and focused ones.

Arrow important:As some ppl know is that i got hacked rigth after Zulaman did open. but for 3 days ago i send a retrive mail to blizzard so i can prove that im the real owner of the accont and get it back atm i just wait for mail from them but im not 100% to get it back but i have tell blizzard all they want to know so its wierd if i dont get it back

[Furycow] Sleep

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PostSubject: Re: Kjukonge 70 fury warrior Looking for hardcore pve guild   Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:25 pm

Quote :
Do you have the ssc/tk vials:no i dont and its bad to hear that u gonna go this instance for last time on Tuesdays but i hope we can go one more so i get it

There you say it. I higly doubt ppl will want to run SSC/TK again for 1 person.

Guess the only time we will be running SSC/TK again is when we lack couple ppl and need to recruit like 3-4 at once that have to be reattuned.
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Kjukonge 70 fury warrior Looking for hardcore pve guild
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