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 Protection warrior application

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PostSubject: Protection warrior application   Protection warrior application Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2007 1:50 am

About You
First Name: Robbin
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Where are you from?: Belgium
What do you do for a living?: Student - IT
Tell us about yourself: Don't have any real hobbies, exept WoW

Your Character
Character Name: Middnight
Class: Warrior
Race: Tauren
Professions: 363 Blacksmithing / 375 Mining / 375 First aid / 366 cooking / 267 Fishing
Are You Willing To Change Your Talents?: If necessary, yes
Armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Magtheridon&n=Middnight
What is your /played?: 29days1h on this warrior. 124days6h on old warrior.

Which days are you unable to play on?: Friday
What time do you log on?: Between 15 and 17pm
What time do you log off?: Between 23.30 and 01 am

What raid experience do you have in Temptest Keep?: Void Reaver
What raid experience do you have in SSC?: Hydross, The Lurker below and Morogrom Tidewalker
What raid experience do you have pre-tbc?: AQ20, ZG, MC , BWL, AQ40 (no c'thun or viscidus) and part of Naxx

Which guilds have you previously been in?: Barbarians (Killrog - pve) with my old protection warrior. Rerolled pvp server due to low population pve server and have been in Revived here
Why did you leave them?: Guild is about to split / disband / die due to some inguild issues.

Central Havoc
Who do you know in Central Havoc?: Progressing guild with 5/7 raid schedule
Why would you like to join: Looking for a guild with a steady progress, raiding schedule and dedicated raiding environment
What can you contribute towards this guild?: A tank you can count on, stays focussed during raidtime and is everytime gemmed/enchanted topnotch.
What do you expect from us?: Ambition and dedication towards the pve content

I have been a protection warrior for 1.5 year on Killrog(pve) where I spended most of my time in Barbarians, a pve-orientated guild. Rerolled this server where I was OT at revived. I have been aswell MT and OT during my playtime in WoW. I know what is expected from me and accordingly I will furfill that. I am used to raidign 5/7 to 6/7 and keeping a 90 - 95% attendance on long term aswell. You can expect me to find me online on all raids from Monday to Thursday + Sunday.

I keep my gear enchanted and gemmed. I do know about consumables and I have my flasks/food/stones every raid. I would have a disconnect rarely once when being in oggrimar/shattrah due to population, but other then that I have a rock solid connection. I do not disconnect in raids, stay offline for unknown times for whatever reason some do, and if I can not make a raid due to some circumstances (Wouldn't know why, but just incase), it will be announced on the forums.

Don't know much what else to add. If you have any question, feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance,
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Protection warrior application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Protection warrior application   Protection warrior application Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2007 11:25 am

Nature Resistance : 293 Unbuffed
Fire Resistance : Still working on it, though that is only needed for some high-end encounters.

I have no Frost Resistance craftables for adds as I used to tank the Nature Hydross, but I could easily place in some green/blue frost-resistance items to be able to tank adds aswell.

As for addons I have the ussual stuff as DMB, Omen, SwStats etc.

I have Teamspeak and I have Ventrilo 3.0.0. I am used to work with them and I actually speak on them aswell.

Unbuffed stats of my current tanking gear :
16615 hp
17119 ac
504 defense
16,88% dodge
18,61% parry
25,93% block (403 block)
16 expertise ( -4% dodge/parry)

Avoidance is a bit low, but can easily be put up when changing around 1-2 items at the cost of some stamina. Got basically items to change every slot of my tanking gear atm, depending on what encounter we are.
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Protection warrior application
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